ABOUT Select Services

We do more. So you worry less.

Select Services takes care of all of your business stationery, forms, mailing and marketing needs so that you do not have to. We are not merely a marketing website. Select Services also provides the human touch. Our lives are so busy  should not have to spend your valuable time finding the things you need to make your business successful. We are with you from the start of your project. With marketing and advertising specialists who will plan, design and write your brochure, postcard or any marketing piece that will help get your company the  desired results you need, Select Services will help you get noticed in the market place. And, after we print your marketing piece, we will take care of preparing a mailing list, based on the audience that you would like to target.

We provide services such as inkjet addressing the marketing piece, pre-sort the mailing list and prepare the postage request at the lowest discounted rate available, mail,  deliver to the post office and much more. Let’s face it, time is money and none of us seem to have enough time in the day. By providing you with a wide-range of professional services, you spend less time keeping track of who’s doing what service for you. With Select Services you have one contact who gives you easy access to in-depth product knowledge, infinite resources and smarter solutions to make your day flow easier. It’s the type of service we would want if we were the client.

Have Select Services take the work off of your desk and put it on our desk. Let us help make your business life easier.

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